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Please park here, please.


Car guard or scare crow?

In smaller premises there are only so much parking space and this scare crow dressed from the cupboards of myself and my daughter is now pointing the parking space – free of charge for our visitors.

I have painted the way to the two parking spots for visitors with roof paint on the paving stones so that we and our visitors can easily come and go as we please.  The only car allowed directly in front of the house is this vintage one facing the street.


The remains of the day

This patch of garden next to our guest parking area is very warm due to the north-western sun and reflection of the paving. Succulents were the only option and the water-wise option. I wanted to also make this a focal point and moved and organised all the terracotta pots I have gathered over years from all over the yard/ garden (many as gifts) and grouped them around a very special (hand-made) gift, sundial.

The bin of an old geyser system was used for the stand of the sundial and a tile was cut in the octagonal shape of the face of copper watch, my husband have ordered online. My rain gauge of glass (and copper look) and the amber color old coffee cup and saucer of my grandpa Faan, found a place here – just because I have it and the color is perfect!