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Cut the corners – in the garden


Let the water run

I have “inherited” these old water cans from my dad and granddad and they are still used but by placing them together behind my vegetable hothouse I could create a patch of green and iron …

This corrugated iron sheet was in the “scrapyard” in the back of the yard and was ideal to paint a few “inspiring words” to my lettuce and spinach as “motivation” when I do not attend to their needs as I should.

The top of this old budgie cage have no use any more than to provide safety for my new succulents from the doves. The old taps gathered from a building ruin site was fixed on to a wooden plank and cool drink caps in pantyhose (stockings) is the make-belief water… for the adjacent vegetable garden hothouse


Fairies are supposed to be shy

When I was a child dwarfs and fairies were part of the gardens of grannies and something I would never put in my own garden, until ouma Bettie gave me her wire trees when they moved to a smaller place and I had no place for them either. This resulted in my fairy corner with ouma Tienie’s  cookie tins as the base for the trees, covered with old nuts, bark, glass marbles for the water stream and two bought fairies…. This is hidden within the branches of the very big wild olive tree  because fairies are shy, I belief.

The cheap sun charged fairy lights from party shops provide the perfect “canopy” for my fairy garden.


Bikini-corner without the beach babe

This patch of the yard (cannot call this a garden) at the back of one of the outer buildings is surrounded by big trees, shade and down pipes. This is no problem but because this area is adjacent to the swimming pool a plan was needed not to spoil the view close to the pool …

The old (cheap) beach chairs in no working condition any more is bright and colorful and cover the ugly fence. Old swimming pool play stuff,   toad feet, water ball, unused pool net, etc. covers the other part of the fence with the neighbors while we wait for the ivy to cover part of the wall for a cooler outer building facing the very harsh Western sun. In the mean-time some sun friendly-fish even survive here.

Nothing grows on the ground pathway leading to the outside back gate in this corner and therefor I painted the cement tiles we had with some hop scotch fun in the same color as the “fake”  bright “tiles” painted with roof paint (blue and turquoise) on the grey paving surrounding the swimming pool. Old wooden planks was also painted in the same bright blue and turquoise used for the outer building door (facing the swimming pool) and some cement garden furniture to make it a bit more inviting.


Ssshhh: Kitchen gossip

Having your own kitchen for more than 15+ years, you will know some time you just need to replace the old pots/ colander and tin containers of your mom/ grandmother in order not to upset your friends or children…

IF you are sentimental or a strong believer of recycling, you will understand my wire stand with plants showing the way/ entrance to my vegetable garden.