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Life is a journey through our / the garden route

The corner in our front garden was a semi-rubbish dump… when we moved in a few years ago.

Because of all the large trees here and in the neighboring garden not even weeds grew here when I tried to make a gardening space here. We transferred this in an outside patio and the trees are the canopy that sets the stage…               

This old delivery bicycle was bought from the Post office scrapyard and my old cooler box fits perfect inside to hold the wine, juice etc. when we entertain guests.

I have built a flower box with the help of our gardener and all the leaves of the previous winter came in helpful to make a very fertile corner where even the Arum lilies grow higher than one meter in summer time.


Light the way you choose to travel

An old lamp chandelier that was not to my liking in the sitting room have a place in the tree where I can lit my tea candles on a wind still evening.

The two trees creates an awkward size space and therefor I have mounted a lid of a broken washing basket as extra side table between the branches for snacks, glasses to save space on the table.

The table was an old schoolmaster’s table from the garage of my deceased aunt and it is almost too big for the area but allows for wonderful outside lunches or dinners big enough for 6 people. The big drawers is helpful storage for a table cloth, candles, matches, etc. to be at hand when we use the area.

The tyre swing allows for peaceful fun close to the patio. This linked by total accident to the theme of the patio –  choose your way of travel as can be seen in small details such as the postal stamp print on the table cloth, and flags, the anchor of a small ship, the tyre swing, the delivery bicycle with cool box holder, etc.

‘n Warm buitevertrek

A warm separate room outside

In order to create the idea of a separate room/ patio space an entrance was made with one part of broken wooden ladder that also holds a few lanterns, and a garden friendly curtain with wire and rock adjacent to the car port.

Because the hose pipe used for our basic grey water system from the back of the house runs past the patio, I placed big pieces of tree bark to cover the pipe. We like to make a small Boma fire here for some atmosphere even when is even not cold yet.