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A teenager’s bedroom and granny’s antiques

It is often difficult to find balance between the taste and ideas of grown-ups and that of teenagers when decorating a bedroom. Fact is that this is their space and to downplay on your ideas will help in finding middle ground. Furthermore you often are confronted with using what you have and most probably funky youngsters will not have the same sentiment than you when it comes to granny’s furniture …


Old antique ball and claw sitting room chairs get a funky look when temporarily recovered with (red) continental pillow cases and XL printed cheap t-shirts. The theme of the room (cars, baseball, etc.) and the hobbies of the child may be the hint on selecting the right t-shirt print. In this case the room’s theme is sports and games.



Granny’s old sewing machine table is “allowed” in this teenager’s room because it was modge podge (white wood glue works perfectly well) with a chess board and old playing cards and because this is actually used for playing chess a glass top covers the new table finish.



Enlarged photo copies of playing cards is framed in red painted wooden frames to enhance the theme and to have something besides celebrity posters in this teenager bedroom.




A cheap solution to bed head board is these XL cool and cheap sporty t-shirts in 7 cm sponge hanged on a plastic hanger. This can be easily replaced when cool kid turns into a young adult.





What to do with all those (not so/ very) precious medals the sport star of the family won in sports? A few neatly spaced white iron double hooks can solve the problem and even make a statement which allows you to put up a photo/ award as centre piece to celebrate what has been achieved. 



You may find his vuvuzela strange but the same applies to granny’s wooden tennis racket! Old and new meets one in the window of this sporty look room! (Read more about this strange 65 cm plastic horns (vuvuzela) used at sports events on the internet.)