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Alternative containers for bathrooms

We all do spend time and need to get access to the toilet paper, extra towels, medicine cabinet etc. so why not rethink storage options in these small rooms by rethinking the containers already in your house, like grandpa’s wedding shoes, old glass toffee jars in the local corner shop, the extra too small and outdated picnic basket, children’s playtime furniture (chairs), gift serviette holder, and the outdated but beautiful wooden library catalog cabinet?
A special family quilt which just not fit the style or feeling of the rest or your house, can be used to make an interesting and welcome focal point in a very boring small room like the guest toilet like was done here.


Doll’s house chairs

These wooden upright chairs used to be my and my daughter’s play house furniture. They have no use any more, but after painting them white they serve a practical purpose to stack the extra towels in our bathroom.

Shoes in bathroom

I could not find something to my liking to keep the extra and in reach toilet paper in our bathroom. These old fashioned men’s shoes with pink laces serve the purpose in the mostly black and silver bathroom.






Serviette holder or Kleenex holder?

This serviette holder has somehow no function in our kitchen, but fits in with the bathroom’s LOVE theme and offers an interesting way of offering a tissue or Kleenex.






Something sweet and something urgent?

If a change of scenery is needed, consider using the old glass containers used for toffees in the local corner shops as toilet paper holders.


Copper flower bowl for precious white stuff

I am not fond of copper and all kind of copper ornaments but have sentimental value to this specific bowl which functions to keep the extra toilet paper handy in the vintage bathroom with copper taps.


The library in your bathroom

This wooden library catalogue cabinet may be beautiful and evoke nostalgic feelings but it must serve a purpose or else it will just take up too much space. This has proofed to be a perfect solution to organise your bathroom / medicine cabinet. Stickers on the different drawers make it easy to find what you need – medicine for a runny nose or ointment for muscle pain?