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Reach for the sky

Finding balance between your purse and the likes and dislikes of teenagers do not need to be so challenging.

We have looked for images on the internet of a night sky and had this printed on wall paper. Only one sheet wall paper across to fit the width of the room and then paint to fit the darker colours on the wall paper for the rest of the wall was all that needed to create a big difference to this bedroom. This one wall is the focal point of the bedroom of a 14 year old girl.

I have used the same paint to paint the frames of the previous pictures in the room as well as the tissue box and light switch’s frame.  Photos of the moon and lunar eclipse taken during a holiday in SA in June 2010 complete the theme in the study nook of the bedroom.

A stencil (blue paint) to fit the theme of the room was used on different places in the room on the white walls and some cheap glow in the dark stars and moons were fixed to the light switch and tissue box, etc. to repeat the theme.

Teenager room: The sky is the limit. A singe color duvet was the cheaper option and prevents the room looking more “busy”. Just one or two theme based scatter cushion rounds it all off. Because the bedroom window faces the private backyard very light one color see through material was used as drape like curtains that can be rounded off with fairy lights to create a starry night feeling.

The bedroom door offers a entry via the galaxy to this girls dream land…