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Choir practice bench for the garden angels

To play with what you have and to make a picture/ tell a (even religious) story in and around your house, is what gives a home a warm feeling.

We received this garden bench mirroring a modern church gable from an artistic friend. This resulted in a simplistic interplay with “our outside church corner”.

I moved an old pottery mural (portraying the last supper) bought from the local garden centre more than 15 years ago next to the bench.

We already had the church bell (dating 1920’s) rescued the previous year from abandoned Catholic church in the Eastern Cape  at the front door and it made sense to place the (church gable) bench from a friend close to the church bell.

To round off this interplay I have moved our garden (praying) frog next to the bench – in case you do not qualify for the choir…

The stained glass look was the challenging part of this outside church corner. In my dream world I would be able to either afford or create stained glass pictures myself, but in real life, I had to make a plan.  A picture of such stained glass image were found on the internet and then printed on vinyl to fit the middle window frame in order to allow light through to the inside as well.

When the candles are lid inside in the dining room, the light in the window from the outside creates a believable atmosphere for any church choir…

I moved the garden tin and wire rooster from elsewhere in the garden as well as the cane (plant) basket with three decorative wooden fishes closer as interplay (if you wish) to the Biblical parables such as feeding the crowd with the bread and fish or the parable of the three crows of the rooster after Judas betrayed Jesus.