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Things money can’t buy

This message “If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have, money can’t buy.“ on the black wooden board on the value of things you cannot buy, was the inspiration for this wall switch on the staircase. Two grade one school shoes filled with your own (Valentine’s day roses for instance) potpourri and the cleaned coins that were used by your great grandparents many moons ago, are glued to the switch with a glue gun. This enforces the message on the wooden box and gives you reason to hold on to the memories of those first school shoes and Valentines day!


Put your money where your mouth is

A painted cement windowsill  inside is not very interesting and because I  in any case had a tin full of these outdated coins worth almost nothing I used a paste of glue that completely dries away and is transparent to make a type of mosaic look for a new windowsill. Beforehand I cleaned the coins with tartaric acid, dish washing liquid and warm water. When dirty, just use the same mix and an old toothbrush and it shines again!