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A western perspective on a African theme for a concrete garden wall

A western perspective on an African theme for a concrete fence wall – narrow passage between the family room and the fence wall with the neighbors.

We wanted to keep the light and open feeling of our family room and therefor the big sliding door windows are kept open. The standard concrete fence wall next to the sliding door windows needed a not so depressing “look” to compliment the adjacent family room next to the concrete fence wall.

Strong roof paint in the standard (cheaper) colours was used to complement the African-inspired theme of the family room. School board chalk was used to measure out the blocks by free hand after cleaning the concrete wall with a steel brush.

The passage between the house and concrete fence wall gives access to the back yard. My rusted garden ornaments received as gifts over many years, grass broom and the rusted tin containers used for food storing years ago all have found a place here.

The boring cement grey concrete wall and narrow passage now offers a private but playful western perspective on the African look (inside) of the family room.